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Affordable online song and audio mastering since 2008. We offer all of the same great amenities as the more expensive studios, without the high price. Your music is very important to you. The last thing you want is a company running your audio through preset chains of effects. Some online audio mastering studios even use robots or stand-alone computer programs to master your songs, without even actually listening to your audio. Make sure the company you choose is only cheap in their pricing, and not in the quality of work they do. At our facility, our engineers always listen to your project first. This is what separates us from the other lower quality studios. Every step of the mastering process is utilized and applied to your particular project. No two tracks are the same, which requires each to be mastered intimately. We decide which effects need to be used in order to get the best results for your songs. Some companies charge high prices for this style of work, but Blue Mountain Mastering makes it affordable and easy for you.
A "state of the art" digital audio workstation is used to work on your projects. Our engineers work in a meticulously tuned work area in order to attain the most accurate monitoring possible. Without this, one can only guess that the adjustments they are making are correct. Music projects are never rushed through or taken for granted. In fact, we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our clients. How we accomplish this is by doing fully mastered samples of your songs at no charge. This way, you can be happy with your sound before deciding to buy anything. This approach has worked for us over the years, and is why we are recommended to friends and families of our clients on a regular basis. Most of our new clients tell us they were referred to us by an existing client. So, we consider this to be our most valuable form of advertising. We realize that doing our best work is what keeps us on top, all the while providing cheap audio mastering pricing.

We Master All Genres Of Music

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Choose Blue Mountain For Your Next Audio Project

Blue Mountain makes the whole process easy and convenient for you. We welcome any questions you may have about finalizing your project. Our clients are encouraged to contact us anytime for audio tips and suggestions, in order to get the most out of their songs. Re-mastering is always free with us. Sometimes after hearing the fully mastered sound, some adjustments are needed to the mixes in order to get things just right. Once a mastering is purchased, you may make these adjustments on your own time, and we will re-master the song until it is perfect for you. Uploading your songs is as easy as filling out a simple web form and selecting your files. They will be held securely on our site, and will never be given out to others, sold, or returned to anyone other than the client who submitted it. All projects will be completed within two days of submittal. Larger projects such as full cd's or albums may take an extra day or two. You will receive an email with instructions on how to easily and securely download your songs once we are finished mastering.
Full refunds are given if you decide you are not completely satisfied with our service. After we are done with your project, your songs will be optimized for playback on all sound systems. The tracks will be ready for playback on radio, and will be ready to press to cd's. We also specialize in re-mastering previously mastered audio as well. Have any old cd's or recordings that need to be cleaned up or restored? No problem, we can bring old dull mixes back to life and make them shine. We also do company presentations, advertisements, EVP's, and video soundtracks. All file types, sample rates, bit rates, and file sizes are welcome. There is no form of audio we cannot work on. Blue Mountain specializes in songs from all over the world, in any language. From rock and Roll, Hip Hop, to Classical music, there is no genre we cannot handle. Give us a try, and take advantage of the best value on the web since 2008.

Why do you need Audio Mastering?

Three reasons why your audio needs to be mastered:


audio frequency spectrum

In order to optimize loudness, audio signals must be in good sonic balance. Too much power in the low-end of the sound spectrum wastes much of the sound energy on frequencies that don't project over low fidelity sound systems. The result will be audio playing back at a perceived lower volume. Conversely, too much energy in the high-end will make the sound thin and empty. Getting the sonic balance right is essential.



audio volume level

To get your music as loud as other professional projects, it must be  optimized for loudness. This complicated process performed by the Sound Engineer, allows the audio to be as loud as possible without damaging sound systems during playback. Limiting is a part of loudness mastering. Making the audio safe to play on all systems is crucial, especially if your music is going to be played back over radio stations.



audio fine tuning

Every recording and mix is uniquely different. Even if they are recorded back to back on the same system, on the same day, by the very same musicians. This can make significant differences to the perceived loudness of a group of songs played in succession. Audio mastering can equalize each song so that they are consistent in loudness and sonic balance, thus not disturbing the listening experience.

From The Owner:
"We do whatever it takes to make our clients completely satisfied. You can trust in Blue Mountain Mastering."
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