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Whether you need full cd Mastering, or have a single song to do, we are always the best choice to make your music Loud. Our online service is the most convenient way to get your audio to top form. You can "Like" us on FaceBook, follow our "Tweets" on Twitter, and read our many blogs. Keep up with us and get tips on how to get the best results for your songs or cd. Choose the best Mastering Service on the web. Blue Mountain Mastering, trusted, and securing a better sounding future.
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Your mixes are important to you, we at Blue Mountain Mastering know that very well. With 65 years of combined experience Performing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, and Promoting music through the years, we are aware of the importance of preserving the original intentions of the Artist in their music. We always use our equipment with care and discression. Effects are only used if we need to use them, which is determined after Listening to your songs. No presets are ever used. Your music will be Professionally "Loud" and "Safe" for pressing, or playback on anything, including T.V. and Radio Stations.

Mastering is the process of making your music the best it can be. We are able to provide the service we do by concentrating on the "Audio", not high prices. Why such a good price? Because it is not all about the money with us, we love what we do. It is the price we launched with back in 2008, and have believed in it since. We provide full service, and welcome questions, requests, and suggestions.



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