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Welcome to Blue Mountain Mastering, the highest value on the Web since 2008.

For over 6 years we have been providing the music community with high quality audio at an affordable price. We always take utmost pride when working with a clients music project. Most of our business comes from repeat clients, and new clients who were referred to us by them. It is because we put quality and service first, that we have been able to serve the music community this long. We know that the way to make the client happy, is to give them exactly what they want. That is what we do. Not only is your satisfaction guaranteed, but a long list of amenities is available for every client every time. Our business model has been copied through the years, but none can match our quality and value. See for yourself, and have us do a free sample of your song.

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To get the same quality sound as our online audio production service, you would have to spend many times more in a local mastering house. We make the whole process easy and fast, while paying full attention to the sound you desire. Whether you need a full cd, or have a single song to do, we are always the safe choice to make your music loud. Our online service is the most convenient way to get your project to top form. You can "Like" us on FaceBook, follow our "Tweets" on Twitter, and read our many blogs. Keep up with us and get tips on how to get optimal results for your music. Choose a company that you can trust in to secure a better sounding future.