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Our experienced audio mastering engineers meticulously listen to each project, crafting a personalized mastering process for your songs.

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We ensure that your music receives the expertise it deserves. We never use any AI Audio Mastering tools of any kind in our process.


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Affordable Audio Mastering

Welcome to Blue Mountain Mastering, your trusted partner for unparalleled online audio mastering services. With over 15 years of serving musicians worldwide, we've consistently delivered high-quality song mastering, elevating your music to new heights without the hefty price tag. Your music is not just a file to us; it's your passion, and we treat it with the utmost care and attention.

We're not just mastering your songs; we're shaping an unforgettable service experience. Don't settle for anything less than perfection—experience the difference we can make with your next audio project.

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Getting your audio project as loud as other professional projects, it must be prepared and optimized for loudness. This is a complicated process performed by engineers which allows the audio to be as loud as it can be without damaging sound systems during playback. Limiting is one aspect of loudness mastering. Making the signal safe to play on all systems is crucial, especially if your music will be played back over radio stations.


To optimize loudness, audio signals must be in good sonic balance. Too much power in the low-end of the spectrum will waste much of the audio energy on frequencies that don't project over low fidelity systems. The result will be your audio playing back at a perceived lower volume. Conversely, too much energy in the high-end of a mix will make the end result thin and empty. Getting the sonic balance right is essential.


Every recording and mix is different. Even if they were recorded back to back on the same system, on the same day, by the same musicians, etc.. This can make significant differences to the perceived loudness of a group of songs that are played in succession. Audio mastering fine tunes each song so they are consistent in loudness and sonic balance. Thus, the listening experience is not disturbed by these differences.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

We believe in quality over speed. Your music projects are not rushed; instead, they are treated with the utmost care and attention. We go beyond mere service – we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to all our clients.


How Do We Ensure Your Satisfaction?

We understand the significance of trusting your music with us. That's why we provide fully mastered samples of your songs at no cost. This unique approach allows you to experience the quality of our work before making any commitments. We want you to be delighted with your masters, ensuring that your vision aligns seamlessly with our expertise.


Trusted and Recommended

Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted name in the industry. Many of our new clients come to us through recommendations from existing clients, friends, and family. We consider word-of-mouth referrals to be our most valuable form of advertising. The fact that our clients confidently refer us to their loved ones speaks volumes about the quality of our work.


Affordable Excellence

Despite our top-tier services, we remain committed to providing affordable audio mastering pricing. We believe that excellence should be accessible to all musicians, regardless of their budget.


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Discover why we've become the go-to choice for musicians seeking top-notch audio mastering. Experience the power of precision, commitment to excellence, and affordable pricing – all in one studio.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Refund Policy: We stand by the quality of our service. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied, we offer full refunds.

  • Streamlined Process: Whether you have questions about finalizing your project or seeking audio tips to enhance your sound, our dedicated team is here to assist you. 

  • Global Reach: Blue Mountain specializes in songs from around the world, in any language or genre. Whether it's Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, or Classical music, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Client-Focused Services


  • Free Re-Mastering: If adjustments are needed after hearing the fully mastered sound, we offer free re-mastering services.

  • Quick Turnaround: All projects are completed within 2 days of submission. Large projects, such as full CDs or albums, may take an extra few days. Free Samples are also returned within 48 hours.

  • Optimized for Playback: Your songs will be optimized for playback on all sound systems, radio and CD pressing. We also work on restoring old audio projects.

Enhancing Your Audio Projects:
Tips for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering


Recording Tips

  1. Capture the Brilliance: Before recording instruments, ensure they sound bright and clear. Consider using new strings for guitars to revive their brightness. Check for unwanted rattles and vibrations in stringed instruments and drums, addressing them before recording.

  2. Vocal Clarity: Record vocals on days when you're in the best mood. Stay hydrated to prevent a dry mouth affecting vocal clarity. Avoid recording when recovering from illness, as it can impact the quality of your vocals.

  3. Eliminate Background Noise: Turn off unnecessary equipment to avoid hum or background noise. Keep recording levels in check to prevent overloading, which can lead to distorted sound during mixing or mastering.

  4. Microphone Placement: Invest in a quality microphone and place it correctly. Experiment with the hand test to find the sweet spot for optimal signal-to-noise ratio, minimizing plosives. Consider using a pop filter to reduce pops and wind sounds.

  5. Optimal Input Levels: Ensure instruments and vocals reach high levels without going into the red on the meter. Adjust input levels before recording, keeping an eye on potential distortion. Proper use of compression and limiting during recording can be beneficial.


Mixing Tips

  1. Purposeful Effects: Apply effects with a specific purpose for each track. Listen to the overall mix before deciding which tools are needed. Avoid unnecessary adjustments and regularly evaluate the impact of your changes.

  2. Volume Adjustments Post-Processing: Adding processing effects may alter track loudness. After applying effects, check and adjust track volumes to maintain a balanced mix. Be mindful of automatic gain changes caused by certain effects.

  3. Equalization in Context: Make equalizer adjustments while listening to the entire mix. Ensure that individual tracks harmonize with each other, especially in the case of live drums, to maintain overall balance.


The Mixdown

  1. Master Fader Awareness: Keep an eye on the Master Fader (MF) during mixdown. Avoid red levels in the MF meter, as this represents an overload. Remove unnecessary effects on the MF track, reserving mastering for an experienced engineer.

  2. Mixdown Level Considerations: Resist the urge to maximize every bit of space on the meter. Some studios add loudness effects by default, but it's advisable to leave room for mastering adjustments. Communicate with your engineer about your intention to have the mix mastered.

  3. Preserve Digital Quality: Create the largest possible file format for mixdowns to preserve digital quality. Once quality is lost, it cannot be regained. Request the highest quality mix for mastering, and consider converting to smaller formats after the mastering process.


Remember, these tips are designed to enhance the technical aspects of your audio projects, allowing your artistic vision to shine through. Happy recording, mixing, and mastering!